Oscar Winner Ellen Burstyn: “I Don’t Recommend Abortion to Anybody”

EXCLUSIVE Don’t get me wrong: I love Lady Gaga and her own parents. But super stars probably shouldn’t get started charitable foundations. Now the latest federal duty report is in to get Lady Gaga’s Blessed this Way Foundation, in addition to it’s not good headlines. Despite spending $348,A thousand in 2017 on their outreach coach tour, the Delivered this Way Foundation otherwise managed to fritter away all over $1.5 million on legal fees, publicity, in addition to a website.

The foundation, which in turn lists Gaga’s pretty mom, Cynthia Germanotta, as us president, had a lot of expenditures in 2017 that had absolutely nothing to do with helping any person. They spent $300,1000 on “Strategic Consultation (web, digital),” $62,836 about “Stage Productions (Stanford, LA, UN),” $50,Thousand on “Social Media,” and yet another almost $50,000 regarding “Event Coordination.”


Born with this also spent: $808,661 on “other”; $406,552 on “Legal”; $150,000 about “Philanthropic Consulting”; $60,000 on “research”; Fifty-eight,768 on “Publicity fees”; $78,500 on “travel”. They expended $72,000 on salaries– most probably for running this Born this Way coach, although that instance had its own expense line.

Under ‘grants to help organizations or individuals”: Five thousand dollars. Five thousand dollars.

They professed net assets for $2.1 million. Donations arrived at $2.6 million, up with $1.4 million in 2017. But there’s absolutely no detailed listing of contributor or donations. I suspect most of the money originated in Lady Gaga’s cash flow.? Where it journeyed, and why it all went there, is a enigma still.

On top of of which, it looks like Lady Gaga borrowed Born this Way about $10,000 to pay charges.

Meantime, it’s unclear of which anyone was really made it easier for by the Born like this Foundation other than solicitors, consultants, publicists and travel agents.

Gaga would have been better functioned just writing a great inspection to the Elton John AIDS Foundation. It would have performed more good, as well as quickly.

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