New ‘It’ Photo Places Pennywise in the Gutter, Movie director Says ‘You’re Going to S- your Brick’

Lady Gaga‘s ARTPOP dropped 81% with sales for its following week and dropped to number Seven from first place. The album sold 50,154 copies, down from first week of almost 260K. ARTPOP will be written about at some point as a huge marketing and advertising failure, unique in every single way. After a long, much ballyhooed build up this finished product simply fizzled.

Lady Gaga– Stefani Germanotta– shall learn a lesson around hubris from this experience. It’s possible. She directed all the campaign, went with the advice of others, and wound up dropping a ton of money ($25 million seems severe, however , lots) for himself and for Universal Audio.

This means ARTPOP has sold just simply 300,000 clones in two weeks. The place are all her followers and ‘monsters’? They certainly didn’capital t like what they read. But as I reported before, ARTPOP was a huge misfire. Gaga tried to leave the art world across the throats of the fans. Some people didn’t want it, and they were confused by it. What had many people related to was Coo as champion of your underdog, the gay toddler, the bullied little one, etc. Jeff Koons has not been in their realm.

The fall down album may yet still affect more details, like a tour. Will probably be interesting to see if she sell tickets for you to concerts with tunes no one bought. The perfect solution is get back together with producer RedOne, include some songs to an ARTPOP Only two.0, and try together with revive the Mp3. It’s been executed. But Gaga need to listen to someone besides herself.

PS Eminem retook the number 1 area with his Marshall Mathers LP Two. He sold Over a hundred.000 copies, around two and a half times up to a whopping Gaga. MORE New music! DOWNLOAD JULIA FORDHAM ‘S Whitened CHRISTMAS— All Proceeds from apple itunes to aid for the Phillipines. Julia blogs: Here’s our pretty and funny video recording starring the world stealing, stunning as well as hilarious actress Jennifer Coolidge. At the moment starring in the CBS sitcom “2 Shattered Girls” (and much loved to be with her superb turn while Stifler’s Mom from the movie American Quiche & and for her personalities in the Christopher Client movies), Judith and I were definitely thrilled and ecstatic when Jennifer showed up on our video focus on “White Christmas” and proved helpful her Voluptuous Goddess Elegance on our Producer / Arranger / Piano player Grant Mitchell.

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