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After a somewhat tumultuous development position, the new adaptation for Stephen King’s classic dread novel It is lastly heading to the big display in September, from Mama director Andy Muschietti. In the end wait for the first trailer (which may be arriving ahead of you think), a new photo of Pennywise the clown has got debuted online, providing us another check out the iconic villain inside of a scene that followers of King’s story and the original miniseries variation will immediately recognize.

Empire premiered the new image in a feature on the upcoming horror film, in which Bill Skarsgard (Hemlock Grove) takes on Pennywise, a role previously produced iconic by Ricky Curry. The photo teases what on earth is essentially the inciting incident through both the novel additionally, the 1990 miniseries: A little child named Georgie is seduced over to a gutter by the evil clown. What will happen next sends a small grouping of young friends (including Georgie’s older brother) on a horrific journey.

Pennywise em imagem divulgada pela Empire. Your nova versão de It tem previsão de estreia para setembro.

‗ Cinemito (@cinemito) March 24, 2017

Speaking with Empire, Muschietti states he eschewed the “less-is-more” tactic with his adaptation:

There’utes supposed to be a less-is-more element of horror. It’s similar to you’re not really that will show the creature. But Pennywise is different. Using Pennywise, it’s like, ‘This is actually the monster, I’m expressing it to you… and you’re going to things a brick.’

Your ejection associated with said brick will depend on a few variables ‗ similar to if you’re undoubtedly terrified of clowns (or jaunty Victorian-era fancy dress costumes, or what looks like it’s CGI-assisted grease-paint). Maybe “s‗ a brick” will be slang for organizing a brick, like at a theater computer screen; if you dislike this unique movie enough, you could be tempted to do just in which.

There’s already been a few backlash from fans above Pennywise’s new look, that we’ve only witnessed in heavily-Photoshopped images. He doesn’t seem all that alarming, to be honest, ‗ but it’azines hard to gauge these tips in still photos. Perhaps the first travel trailer will give us a greater grasp on this element.

It hits theaters in September 8.

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