‘The Handmaiden’ Review: Park Chan-wook Offers a Delicately Twisted Mona lisa

Whatever happened to Tom Cruise trip and Scientology? Certainly he’utes given that up at this point, right? Wrong. Vacation cruise was snapped on Instagram yesterday wearing the special solid platinum medallion to the annual Church prom in London. A little gem of the hat in order to Tony Ortega of course, exactly who posted on his or her site after another panel found the cam on Instagram. Cruise can be posing with a Venezuelan occasional actress whose manager created the photo. Ruddy Rodgriguez possibly believes Xenu is waiting due to her, or thinks she might be snapped while using world’s most famous Movie star one day with a party in London. You guess.

Anyway, Cruise might wear the same Freedom Honor of Valor award she got 10 years ago just before he met Katie Holmes. This means that nothing that’verts happened since then– make fun of over the couch jumping, Katie Holmes, losing his particular marriage and Suri, etc– includes ever sunk in. Not actually the Miscavige Clinic for the Criminally Insane on “General Hospital.”

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