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When Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got married last week, that they used an unusual wedding photographer to shoot the wedding. They didn’t pay a visit to Annie Leibovitz, for example, or Mario Testino or even Mark Seliger any of the other photogs who’ve shot these folks for magazine contains or ads.

Instead, the male behind the contact was Brit Steve James, the famous still photographer who’s currently working on “Alien 7” for J.J. Abrams. James is famous for shooting many big pictures including “Mission Impossible: Blurry Protocol.”

Brad and Angelina recognized him already. John did the pictures for Angelina’s forthcoming film “Unbroken.” It’s unidentified whether he performed the job for free. Although the credit reads Jesse James/GettyImages. And the pictures were sold to People paper and Hello! in the uk for upwards of $10 million. The funds, I’m assuming, goes to the Jolie-Pitt Foundation for distribution to valuable causes.

In 2017, People in addition to Hello! paid growing $14 million for exclusive of Brad and Angelina together with newborn twins Vivienne along with Knox. But we’ve stood a recession since then. Plus Time Inc. has been spun off because its own company– no Time Warner deep pockets to help them these days.

Stay tuned…

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