Brace Yourselves, ‘Deadpool 2’ Authors Tease Imminent Cord Casting

Beyonce gets the best Christmas gift of all: 2million sales of her own surprise “Beyonce” “visual” album throughout the end of this full week. Hitsdailydouble says she’s offered 375,000 duplicates this week including 100,000 physical CDs. This, despite Rain forest and Target abnegating to sell the actual physical CD because they’re mad the original electronic version was exclusive to iTunes. isn’testosterone totally stupid, while. You can download the album via the system. But why would you, at the same cost as iTunes, without any add ons? Amazon will need to have pushed the actual CD. I think these people screwed that upward. People come to The amazon online marketplace for the actual Dvds, not the data. Anyway. Jeff Bezos didn’to ask me, and he has 90 thousand dollars.

Meanwhile, the Beyonce project has already spawned it’s first hit individual, “Drunk in Love,” by using guess who? The writer Z.

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