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Now that he’s saved the entire world from evil super-villains and solved mysteries around jolly old The united kingdom, what will Robert Downey Junior. do next? Save the world from extra evil super-villains and remedy more mysteries within jolly old England, of course ‗ oh, and also he’ll talk to quite a few animals in between. The actor and MCU movie star has signed on to headline The Voyage connected with Doctor Dolittle, in which he’lmost all play the titular protagonist, formerly portrayed on the silver screen by Rex Harrison and Eddie Murphy, in a new film within the director of Gold.

Variety records that Downey Jr. is certainly attached to play the superior doctor in The Travel of Doctor Dolittle, using the character created by British isles author Hugh Lofting. Dolittle was the protagonist in Lofting’s series of children’s training books, which were first unveiled in the 1920s along with centered on a physician whom abandons his human procedure when he learns he’ll communicate with animals.

The identity first appeared within the big screen in the 1967 musical Doctor Dolittle, in which Rex Harrison played the title role. 30 years later, Twentieth Century Sibel revived Doctor Dolittle with Eddie Murphy, who starred in both your 1998 film and it is sequel, released around 2001.

Stephen Gaghan will publish and direct The Travel of Doctor Dolittle, the title of which is usually inspired by the next book in Lofting’utes classic series. Gaghan most recently directed Matthew McConaughey in Gold, and also previously won your Best Adapted Script Oscar for Traffic.

In addition to Flat iron Man’s return in this summer’s Spider-Man: Homecoming and the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, Downey Jr .. is set to reprise his particular role as Sherlock Holmes in a new sequel from Guy Ritchie.

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