Beatles Special Sends Cds Directly into Top 10 about The amazon online marketplace, iTunes

Sunday’s “Night which Changed America” salute to your Beatles on CBS will probably run its full length after all. Initially the show has been booked for three time to commemorate any 50th anniversary with the group’s arrival while in the U.S. and look on “Ed Sullivan.”

Then there were some kind of skirmish with the network. They only wanted a couple of hours. Some people were fell from the show. I know a couple of names, however , what the heck. It’s not really important now.

On Thinking about receiving 27th, the present was taped for two and a half hours regardless. I wrote around it–here’s the link.

It became a dazzling experience with one bump in the highway: Katy Perry’s rendition for “Yesterday” was kind of chiseled. We’ll see if some people fixed it inside the mix.

Now CBS is definitely running the present as it was taped. An episode of “The actual Millers” will play at 10:30pm. But the full clearly show is actually must-see TV. Here’ohydrates the list of musicians and singers and songs. Make sure you see a lot of cutaways presenting Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson grooving around with Yoko, Sean, Ringo, Stan, Olivia, Dhani.

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