Beatles: Paul Asks for Meat-Free Tuesday, Plus It’s George Harrison Week

I dutifully report all Beatle announcement: Paul McCartney beseeches us to help honor Meat Free of charge Monday. Paul is actually a vegetarian (as was his devoted better half Linda). You don’big t have to be a veg to do Meat Zero cost Monday. Actually, we’n all be better off with Meat Free Mon, Wednesday, and Exclusive. Here’s his online video explaining the emergency:

Also, it’s George Harrison week. Apple/Capitol has boxed up George’s Apple cds including “All Things Must Pass” and “Living in the pad World.” They’re all of remastered with lots of cool craft. This week on Conan O’Brien, Henry Simon, Dhani Harrison and others sing George’s best songs as the tribute to your pet. “All Things Must Pass” is among the most great classic collections of all time, so it’utes worth it. A nice holiday getaway or birthday gift for just about any Beatle fan!

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