Bruce Springsteen Releasing New Tracks, MusiCares Performance DVD


It’s never too soon for more Bruce Springsteen releases. Their new album, “Higher Hopes,” is just a couple of weeks old. But with April 19th, Springsteen is putting out a four trail “EP” (EP used to really mean extended play, being a big single. These days it’s just several songs on i-tunes.) They didn’t result in the cut apparently. But now they do! The Air is called “American Attractiveness.” You can guess that Jimmy Fallon has now booked Bruce for that 7 days.

There’s more. At long last, MusiCares, one of the two public NARAS branded foundations, is usually releasing a Dvd and blu-ray of one of its Individual of the Year concerts. Solution . is 2017’s Springsteen tribute. That release is certainly March 25th. I hope MusiCares releases more of these Dvd disks soon. This year’s Carole King concert could be perfect, so would probably the Don Henley, Neil Little, and Barbra Streisand shows. Perhaps they can take excellent tracks from each annual shows making them a system album.

Here’s this tracklist for the Springsteen:

  • 1. “Adam Raised a good Cain” Performed by Alabama Shakes
  • 2. “Because the actual Night” Performed by Patti Smith
  • 3. “Atlantic City” Performed by Natalie Maines, Dan Harper and Charlie Musselwhite
  • 4. “American Land” Performed by Ken Casey
  • 5. “My Area of Ruins” Performed by Mavis Staples in addition to Zac Brown
  • 6. “I’m On Fire” Performed by Mumford plus Sons
  • 7. “American Skin (41 Photos)” Performed by Garcia Browne and Tom Morello
  • 8. “My Hometown” Performed by Emmylou Harris
  • 9. “One Step Up” Performed by Kenny Chesney
  • 10. “Streets associated with Philadelphia” Performed by Elton John
  • 11. “Hungry Heart” Performed by Juanes
  • 12. “Tougher As opposed to Rest” Performed by Tim McGraw together with Faith Hill
  • 13. “The Ghost associated with Tom Joad” Performed by Terry James and Dan Morello
  • 14. “Dancing in the Dark” Performed by David Legend
  • 15. “Lonesome Day” Performed by Sting
  • 16. “Born in the USA” Done by Neil Young with Mad Horse
  • 17. “We Take Care of Our Own” Carried out by Bruce Springsteen and the E Avenue Band
  • 18. “Death to My Hometown” Done by Bruce Springsteen and the E Neighborhood Band
  • 19. “Thunder Road” Performed by Bruce Springsteen and the Orite Street Band
  • 20. “Born to Run” Accomplished by Bruce Springsteen and the E Highway Band
  • 21. “Glory Days” Performed by Bruce Springsteen and the At the Street Band & forged ensemble